Genre: Animation, Action,

Actors: Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Sarath Kumar, Jackie Shroff,

Directors: Soundarya R. Ashwin, K.S. Ravikumar,

Production: Media One Global Entertainment, Eros International, Cinemorphic

Duration: 124 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 23 May 2014

Countries: India

The Story of a powerful king Kochadaiiyaan, and so does his Kingdom. But on a fateful day, one of his close friends plots against him and acquires his kingdom, while he was driven away. Kochadaiiyaan gets a baby boy Rana, who grows up to become a great warrior, and fights and redeems the kingdom that rightfully belongs to him.

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Kochadaiiyaan is the first Indian Movie, which had been done on Performance Capture Technology. Our SUPERSTAR is the only Indian actor, who has acted in four different forms of Cinema – Black & White, Colour, 3D & Motion Capture. Kochadaiiyaan teaser didn't create much expectation for the movie as people felt that the animation was not up to the Hollywood standards. But, the trailer created some expectation for the movie as it had Superstar's voice with Punch Dialogues and wonderful music by A.R. Rahman. Kochadaiiyaan movie was taken with the budget of 125 Crores and completed within 2 years. While, "Tin Tin" was taken with budget of around $120 Million and took 5 years to be completed. Hence, it is completely unethical to compare Kochadaiiyaan with Hollywood movies. It is actually an International Movie, as it has been dubbed in Japanese & English, along with 6 Indian languages. Kochadaiiyan - Ko means Lord Sivan Devotee & Chadaiiyaan means the one with long hair. Hence, as Tamilians, we have to feel proud about this movie, which takes our Tamil / Indian movies to the next level. The movie was postponed several times, which really tested the patience of Superstar's fans itself. Having said that, only SUPERSTAR can get huge opening for a movie, which was completely animated and delayed several times. Let us see whether Kochadaiiyaan will satisfy the Common Man in this review. Story: It is quite simple one. It is about how Rana (Warrior Kochadaiiyan's son) takes revenge on King Nasser for his father's death. But, the engaging screenplay & awesome dialogues by K.S. Ravikumar makes sure that audiences are engaged throughout the movie. Rajinikanth – No other person can even dream of acting in an Indian Animation Movie with this huge budget. Only Superstar can do it, as he has dedicated fans following, who will watch movies multiple times for his style and voice alone. Soundarya makes sure that his dedicated fans are treated with excellent stylish moments & mass scenes. Superstar's introduction scene, his voice & style will definitely give goose bumps for his fans. Animation- The animations in the movie were pretty good for an Indian movie. But, we have to agree that it is not up-to the Hollywood movies, which are taken with 4 - 5 times the budget of our Indian Movies. Sarath Kumar's face doesn't resemble him much. Rukumani's animation was very average. Superstar, Nassar & Jackie Shroff looks good in Animation. War fight scenes have come out well. Few of Deepika Padukone's scenes were good. Thanks to the Technology for bringing back legendary comedy actor Nagesh. This is just the first step in Indian Cinema and we have to really appreciate the team for taking this bold move. National Award winning fashion designer Neeta Lulla deserves special mention. It seems around 150 costumes per character were designed on paper and out of those, 25 costumes were selected and detailed. Superstar looks stylish with different costumes and the credits should go to Lulla. A.R. Rahman's wonderful music + K.S. Ravikumar's excellent dialogues + Rajinikanth's Magical Voice are much more than sufficient to satisfy Superstar Fan's and makes them watch the movie multiple times. First half has more songs than the scenes. Superstar's screen presence alone saves the first half. Second half – Kochadaiiyan flashback & excellent mass scene in the pre-climax was quite good. Songs plays the spoilsport in both the halves. Though the songs were good, using 4 songs within 40 minutes in the first half was quite too much. Movie runs for lesser than 2 hours (118 minutes) with 6 songs. Soundarya Rajinikanth was recently honored with the NDTV Indian of the Year – Technical Innovation in a Film award. She has to be appreciated for this bold attempt. She has made sure that the movie has scenes, which will definitely satisfy his dad's dedicated fans. Though 125 Crores looks like huge budget for Tamil Cinema, actually it is very lesser budget to take a movie with performance capture technology. This is the first Indian movie and let us encourage the attempt, which will help us to get better movies in future. Overall, Kochadaiiyaan is a TAMIL MOVIE, which takes the biggest step to take our Indian CINEMA to International level. Definitely, Superstar hardcore fans will be too happy as their Thalaivar late a vandalum latest a vandu irukaru.

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