The Furies

Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror,

Actors: Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo, Taylor Ferguson, Ebony Vagulans,

Directors: Tony D\u0027Aquino, Tony D\u0027Aquino,

Production: Odin's Eye Entertainment, The Film Distillery, Head Gear Films

Duration: 82 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 7 November 2019

Countries: Australia United Arab Emirates

A woman is kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.

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Ok... Let me come back to the Feminist bit. Essentially the movie follows more or less the same plot as the movie 'PREDATORS' Mixed with elements of 'HOSTEL & THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME' What works first The gore is super effective. Impressive make up, doesn't shy away form the gore. The practical effects are extremley well done.An extra element that is added on half way through the movie adds a clever plot twist that really changes the dynamic of the movie and is really quite clever.All shot during the day, that gives it a sun bleached aesthetic and really makes this feel true to its Australian roots, but still manages to be tense and scary despite being in bright light-Main actress does a good job of making a likable and compelling character -Very impressive cinematography What doesn't work The big one. I did my review on Youtube (which you can find if you look under Geek Legion of Doom ) . I noted that all of the male characters don't speak ( apart from the one guy at the end) . All the male killers, wear masks therefore robbing them of any humanity ( Can they not take them off? Are they sewn on? ...we don't know as it's never mentioned). None of them speak and only grunt ( again, why can they not speak, have they been surgically altered? ) . But most importantly and what my biggest issue with the movie is, what is the male Killers motivation? For example, are they unwilling participants like they women? Their does seem to be consequences for them if things don't go their way. Have they been forced to do this (we don't know) or are they someway willing? (seem unlikely as they face death themselves...but again we don't know as the movie never touches the issue) . Why do they act like brainless animals , where did they come from , who are they?.The fact is , we don't see any reference from the point of view of any of the male participants. Because of this and the fact they are all wearing scary, but lets face it impractical masks, don't seem to be able to communicate and essentially act like creatures. Is this just simply lazy writing or as some of the comments have suggested in my youtube review. A political swipe at the patriarchy? I tend to think it's the former, but either way it paints all of the male characters and just hulking brutes , who just seem to be mindless killing machines with out explanation. The only other make character is a slimey corporate type right at the end. So some viewers have taken this at worst Feminist propaganda and at best poor writing. We as the audience are just supposed to accept that these are 'bad guy' killers . But the best killers have back story and origin for us to understand how they have ended up like this. Here we just have to accept there are a bunch of masked slashers that someone has found somehow, all at the same time, put masks on them, then dumped them in the outback. Maybe they are intelligent as they seem to understand the the rules, but maybe not as they act like animals. The movie never attempts even the slightest hint about them. Other gripes , some of the eye related surgery seems a little bit ottSome of the deaths , whilst they are gory would no way kill someone instantly (first kill i'm looking at you ) However if you can look past the major stumbling point of the handling of the make characters . It's a fun though quite extreme slasher flick, but never escapes being a B-Movie because of a poorly executed script

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